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Ethics & Compliance

Radiall is dedicated to designing high-quality interconnect technologies that impact the world, but we wouldn’t be who we are without the values that guide everything we do. We are committed to honesty, respect for others and our environment, excellence and growth, to name a few. These values are more than words we recite; they are principles that truly guide the decisions, actions and advancements we make as a company.

Please view our Corporate & Ethics Charter for the principles and operational advice that is the responsibility of all Radiall employees.

  Corporate & Ethics Charter (English)
  Corporate & Ethics Charter (French)
  Corporate & Ethics Charter (Italian)
  Corporate & Ethics Charter (Spanish)
  Corporate & Ethics Charter (Chinese)

Click here for RoHS and REACH compliance.
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Ethical business conduct is the responsibility of everyone. Radiall’s commitment to conduct business with integrity to service employees, business partners and community is paramount. When an actual or potential violation of the law, the Code of Conduct, or company policy is reported, Radiall will conduct a thorough investigation.

The reporting of a concern or seeking advice is simple. Any employee, contractor, or third party can send suspected violations to with full anonymity and protection without fear of retaliation. Radiall is committed to treating all parties involved with confidentiality and respect.