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Social Responsibility

At Radiall, we believe that excellence begins at home: in order to Work for the Best, we strive to Be the Best. That’s why we also strive for the best in the field of corporate social responsibility, which ensures our sustainability, as well as the sustainability of our common world.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
A company is only as strong as its people. Our company culture, rooted in its history, emphasizes the human dimension of our operations. We promote our employees’ well-being and personal development, ensure them a fair and safe working space and enhance their employability by focusing on training as well as increased autonomy.

Radiall is a signatory of the “Corporate diversity charter”, which emphasizes Radiall’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.

Radiall works with several non-profits organizations, schools and universities to promote equal chances, environmental awareness and closer links between the industry and its local stakeholders. 

As laid out in its ethical and corporate charter, Radiall commits to respecting International Human Rights laws, principles of business integrity as well as eliminating discrimination in employment and occupation.

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Radiall CSR was rated Silver by Ecovadis in 2016. 

Corporate & Ethics Supplier Charter (English) 
Charte Ethique et Sociale Fournisseur (French) 

Health, Safety and Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment policy is an important element to our business and is designed to compliment Radiall’s global strategy. Our global action plan defines specific targets we strive to achieve and are in coherence with Radiall’s culture to continuously innovate and improvement. The HSE action plan is implemented at each Radiall facility and monitored by a designated coordinator.

 Radiall HSE policy

Environmental (chemical substances)

Radiall is committed to protecting the planet and the health and wellness of its employees and customers. Therefore, not only does Radiall comply with local environmental laws and regulations, but we also constantly work to improve our products and processes to meet environmental regulations without compromising the quality of our products.

Closely collaborating with its customers and its suppliers, Radiall answers requests on environmental compliance of its products or its manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to achieve an all-around level of excellence in order to protect our workers’ health and safety, protect the environment and ensure a sustainable Radiall.

All aspects of our operations take into account our sustainability goals; industrial operations, purchasing, transportation, day to day operations, etc.

 Hazardous Substances Policy

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